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An opportunity to do GOOD!

In Galatians chapter 6, Paul addresses Christians about how we should treat one another. The context is about helping one another stay faithful and “sharing” in the good work. He then reminds these brethren that we need to “sow” those attitudes and deeds we would like to come back to us in time of need.

In verse 10, he makes it plain that we should be looking for opportunities to do good to all – but especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.


We have such an opportunity here in the Upper Cumberland region! We can help encourage one another through fellowship and sharing with each other. Especially sharing our talents of leading singing, teaching, and preaching with congregations who are finding it difficult to fill these roles within their own membership. UCOM was designed with the intention of meeting this need in congregations while encouraging men of all ages to develop and deepen these particular skills through working with each other and well experienced instructors.

We hope to have a roster of men to be able to meet the needs of every congregation that sends us a request and let each “speaker” have plenty of time to worship with their home congregation too. To do that, we need the help of our sister congregations to find and encourage those who can spread the Word. Let’s begin to “grow our own” preachers and teachers and song leaders in this area to make sure we prepare for the future of the Church!

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